*When tested for flame and ember resistance, FireGuardVent performed  
flawlessly and closed in an average of 7 seconds.
 See test results here.
FireGuardVent is a patented product of Vivico LLC, Santa Rosa CA.
Made in the USA!
Accepted for use by the California State Fire Marshal
Why consider self-closing vents?

Not only do new California building codes require new venting devices for new
construction, but homeowners concerned about protecting their homes and
property are demanding retrofit of their existing structures.

And consider other uses for a self-closing vent.  A furnace room, wood/pellet
burning stove, shop or garage can be isolated from the rest of the house
buying valuable time in the event of a fire.

Why choose the Vivico FireGuard Vent?

For the homeowner, you have the confidence of knowing that you have the
best, highest quality product that exceeds building code requirements.

  • Simplicity: Only one moving part.
  • Reliability: No battery, no computer components, no power source.
  • Ease of Installation: Whether retrofit or new construction, simply insert
    into eave vent opening.
  • Dependability: Powered by powerful, permanent neodymium magnets.
  • Longevity: Made of 24 gauge galvanized sheet metal. Stainless steel
    models available for high-corrosion areas.
  • Reusable: After activation, if the units are not damaged, they can be
  • Independent: Only those units subjected to high heat are activated.
  • Tested:  Both university and independent labs have validated the Vivico
    FireGuard Vent.
  • Controllable: Only the Vivico FireGuard Vent can be manually closed
    by the homeowner if desired.
  • Quick: The Vivico FireGuard Vent closes in just 7 seconds.*
  • Accepted: The Vivico FireGuard Vent has been accepted by the
    California State Fire Marshall as meeting the requirements of the new
    Chapter 7A building codes.