The FGV is of a simple, sturdy design made of 24 gauge
galvanized metal. The damper is held open by a fusible
link, as shown in the picture below.

When sufficiently heated, (165 F) powerful neodymium
magnets slam the damper closed, thus preventing ember
and flame intrusion. Latches then lock the damper closed
against powerful fire wind.

This vent can also be closed/activated manually.


The Vivico FireGuard Vent has been university tested
and tested by the independent Western Fire Center to
ASTM standards. The test unit activated in 7 seconds and
withstood 10 minutes of flame. Further testing is planned
to determine maximum flame resistance. Testing has
proven that the Vivico FireGuard Vent not only meets, but
exceeds, the requirements of the California building
codes, Chapter 7A, for wildland-urban interface areas.
The Vivico FireGuard Vent is accepted by the California
State Fire Marshall.


Installation is a simple matter of inserting the Vivico
FireGuard Vent into the soffit vent hole on the eave, or in
a crawlspace vent or gable vent or any other venting
hole in the exterior of a structure.

For final installation, a louvered screen is installed over
the vent opening. An 18 x 14 mesh is also located on the
back side of the vent.

For stucco installation, a frame of J- bead  is available, or
can be manufactured by the installer.

A variety of sizes are available and other sizes can be
manufactured. For high corrosion areas the Vivico
FireGuard Vent can be manufactured in stainless steel.

For other uses, the Vivico FireGuard Vent can be
installed to isolate a furnace room, wood/pellet burning
stove or shop from the rest of the structure.
FireGuardVent is a patented product of Vivico LLC, Santa Rosa CA.
Made in the USA!
Accepted for use by the California State Fire Marshal